All open face sandwiches are served on our homemade rye bread or wheat bread. We also have homemade gluten-free bread.

Carlsberg Lager or Tuborg Classic draft beer
Small 25cl 40 kr.
Big 0,5L 65 kr.
Jacobsen Golden Naked Christmas Ale 7,5% draft beer
Small 25cl 55 kr.
Big 0,5L 95 kr.

Carlsberg Nordic alcohol free beer/bottle 35 kr.

Beers from Krenkerup Brewery 0,5L: Price 78 kr
Krenkerup Christmas beer

Krenkerup Weissbier

Krenkerup Helles (Lager)

Krenkerup Lolland & Falster GULD (Strong)

Krenkerup IPA

Glass of wine 50 kr.

1/1 House wine 249 kr.

1/1 Chablis 475 kr.

Champagne Möet & Chandon 925 kr.

Snaps 3cl. 48 kr.
Snaps 6cl. 96 kr.
1/1 bottle snaps 960 kr.

Different Spirits 3cl. From 60 kr.

Different sodawater 35 kr.

Ida Davidsen water 0,5L 35 kr.

Homemade iced tea 38 kr.
Unsweetened iced tea (black) with lime and mint leaves
Unsweetened green iced tea with elderflower and lime

Jucies: Elderflower, cranberry, orange, apple, ice tea & lemonade 38 kr.

Coffee/tea 35 kr.

Espresso 28 kr.

Dbl. Espresso 50 kr.

Caffe latte 45 kr.

Cappuccino 45 kr.

Irish coffee 70 kr.