Welcome to Ida Davidsen

“They are rather crazy about ”smørrebrød” (Danish open sandwiches) in that family. That crazy that they have now reached the fifth generation who has made a living out of high-piled ”smørrebrød”.

If something is unbearably long, you say that it is as long as Oskar Davidsen’s list of ”smørrebrød .” There is a reason for this, as in 1888 the one and same Davidsen started out with an open sandwich business on Nørrebro with no less than 177 pieces of ”smørrebrød” to choose between.

So, today it is the fifth generation, also an Oscar (with a c) who runs the business, which is now situated in Store Kongensgade and is also a luncheonette.

It is named after the great-grandchild of the old Oskar, namely Ida Davidsen, who runs the kitchen (queen Ida, her son calls her), and the list of ”smørrebrød” is now longer and has reached 250 pieces of ”smørrebrød”, by now.

The restaurant is cosy, the waiters are talking menus and there are plenty of regulars. Especially very famous people who, if they have earned it, have a piece of ”smørrebrød” named after them. For example, you may set your teeth into Uffe Ellemann (worth considering!) or Victor Borge. The old showman is a piece with salmon, freshly marinated lumpfish caviar, crayfish tails, Greenland shrimp, lime and dill mayonnaise.” (quote from aok.dk)